Sonax Service

Вршиме професионална монтажа на секаков тип возила.

Мотори за централни


  • Arm / Silent arm
  • Disarm
  • Car Locating
  • Arm Reminding
  • Rearm
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Central door lock system
  • Automation
  • Door unclosed well warning
  • Auto-arm
  • Help Calling/Panic
  • LED Indicator status
  • cut-off engine
  • Intruding alarming
  • windows rolling up
  • Remote Trunk release
  • Car Door unclosed reminding
  • Dome light delay
  • Emergency Disarm
  • service mode
  • power off memory
  • microwave sensor (Optional)
  • One stage shock sensor
  • Door unclosed well warning function optional
  • Auto-arm function optional
  • Eletrical/Pneumatic central locking optional
  • learning code
  • anti-false trigger alarming
  • auxilliary negative trigger output

Safety equipment:

Protection against external and internal attacks External-adjustable shock sensor 2 zone shock sensor with LED indicates alarm shocks. Windows-controlled, closed the window at risk Auto-activation of the system Blocking the ignition (immobilizer) Auto-Resetting (Re-Arming) are sharp sharpens the plant again when opened after 25 sec to defuse any door. Anti-Hijacking Car, controlled by remote control - protects against ROBBERY! - U turn signals are activated siren and the immobilizer is activated. Panic-Mode - Urgent appeal for help Helping .... even while driving.

Top features:

Automatic focusing of the system when leaving the vehicle. Remote control siren-protection in an emergency for example. in parking garages or the like. Remote Arm / Disarm confirmation Loud 125 dB siren horn (splash) Intelligent alarm, self-learning. Hopping fashion, technology With Antiscan. increased protection against the scanner. to open the hood when trying hedging the hood alarm is triggered. Confirmation of the trunk. sNot-switch, to switch off the system in an emergency Plant city mode

Advanced features:

Engine Start Built-in Central Locking Relays Turn signal control and chirp (sound familiar) - Noise during sharpening and disarming the system. Per remote controller, the system can be set to request silent. Reminder by flashing when the doors not properly closed. Turn signal on alarm activation Auto-search function CAR FINDER Control of the central for electric and pneumatic central locking systems suitable System is expandable (microwave sensor available) There is a high-quality investment WITH warranty. Kopiersicher with 4.3 billion possible codes. CE, FCC, manufactured according to ISO9001 and ISO / TS 16949:2002

Централни - домет 30 метри, 1 година гаранција